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The Heart Of Our Company

Accent Inns, Hotel Zed & ROAR are three unique brands but we’re all one big, happy, (slightly gooofy) Fam-Jam. And we care. A lot. We lead with love, and we always make our team our number one priority. Why? Because when you’re loved hard, you love hard. And our Fam-Jam is full of amazing humans who care about our guests, our communities, and–most importantly–each other. You can meet a few of these awesome folx here!

Culture Stories


Diversity and inclusion are a constant topic in HR and recruitment, and a key priority for us at the hotels. We have a connected company culture where every employee feels accepted, valued, and has a sense of belonging. That’s what being in our Fam-Jam is all about! I love being part of an empathetic workplace, where everyone’s feelings are valued and acknowledged.


General Manager /  Accent Inns - Kamloops

Caring is the word I use to describe Accent Inns. This company cares about the community and they care about the health and safety of their employees and guests. Most of all, they care enough to make sure that I KNOW that I am valued, that they will ALWAYS have my back and that they actually care about me as an individual, not just another employee. That is why I love working at Accent Inns.


Sales Manager /  Accent Inns

I was really excited to hand out the gift cards. The workers reactions were priceless! They couldn’t believe that they were being recognized and it was so nice to do this for them. It made us all feel amazing to thank these grocery store workers that have done so much for us over the pandemic.


Assistant Manager /  Accent Inns - Kamloops

When Variety families stay with us, we see the kids, their families and we get to know them. Unfortunately, some are losing their battle. Back in 2010 we had the very first Variety family stay with us. The girl sadly, after a hard fight, lost her battle with cancer at just three-years-old. We received a wonderful message from her grandmother recently thanking us for how we treated her. Relationships like that is why I hold our relationship with Variety so near and dear. My view is that although you can’t take their illness away, you can make them smile even just for that moment.


Reservations Manager /  Accent Inns

Many of our employees take the bus every day and care about their drivers. BC Transit drivers are COVID heroes. They’ve been delivering service throughout the pandemic to get British Columbians where they need to go. We wanted to show them love, appreciation and thanks!


CEO /  Accent Inns

The crazy part about this fund is that I didn’t have to ask or apply. My boss knows me and cares about me enough to actually know how I am doing. When she called me to tell me that they knew we were having a tough time and offered to pay for my daughter’s tutoring, I was taken back by emotions. My daughter (age 14) moved up three reading grades in just over three months. I genuinely love Accent Inns in so many ways and cannot be more thankful to work for a group of amazing people that live their values every day.


Business Development Manager /  Accent Inns

I love working here because of how evident it is that the company really looks out for our best interests. Investing in our personal development, providing ample benefits that are too plentiful to list, and truly offering a give and take relationship to create an amazing work life balance! This pond is full of stellar ducks I’m so grateful to swim with!


Guest Service Agent /  Accent Inns - Victoria

I love working here because I work with the Ultimate Hugger – the staff are so supportive and fun and makes work not seem like work!


Guest Service Agent /  Accent Inns - Victoria

Why I love working here: great staff, awesome workplace culture, sweet benefits and lots of parties and celebrations!


Room Attendant /  Accent Inns - Victoria

I love working here because of Mandy Farmer. As a CEO, I feel she truly cares about each and every employee that works for her company. She is always excited to see us and talk with us. Knowing someone who cares that much about us in her position is amazing. 


Laundry Attendant /  Accent Inns - Kelowna

I love working here because of the family atmosphere we receive from Management. I have worked here for a very long time, and I have always felt cared for and taken care of by this company. What this company does for its employees is something I have never seen before. 


Room Attendant /  Accent Inns - Kelowna

I love this company because there is room for growth and opportunities. I have gone from working in laundry up to management in 3.5 years!


Assistant Manager /  Accent Inns - Kelowna

I love working here because of our culture. I love how open management, VP’s, and even Mandy is to suggestions and ideas no matter who it is from. I also love the benefits of working here whether it be the great deals at other properties or to be able to give back to our community, in a fun way.


Guest Service Agent /  Accent Inns - Kelowna

When I transitioned from Accent Inn Kelowna to Hotel Zed Kelowna, I was nervous about the change but was soon relieved as the team from Hotel Zed accepted me right away as family. There was really no surprise here as that is who we are!


Housekeeping Supervisor /  Hotel Zed - Kelowna

I feel like Accent Inns is my home because I can open-up to everyone and it feels so much like a family (more than my own family!) There is no discrimination, and I feel comfortable being myself which makes me feel truly free.


Room Attendant /  Accents Inns - Richmond

It’s a very welcoming environment where you can be yourself and there are no judgments. Everybody gets along with one another and it’s a sense of community where everyone supports each other.


Guest Service Agent /  Accent Inns - Kamloops

I love the great team that I work with and the values we all live by. I love that we give back to the community and do fun initiatives as a team. I love learning new things within my role and supporting my team everyday.


Housekeeping Supervisor /  Accent Inns - Kamloops

For me, Accent Inns had my back while I was off for personal reasons for 2 years and I really appreciate it. We are treated like family. I also love that we are always innovating and constantly upgrading our standards and keeping relevant.


Room Attendant /  Accent Inns - Richmond

I love doing morning yoga with the team as we stretch at the start of our housekeeping day – super fun and different from anywhere I’ve worked before.  I love being so close to the ocean and nature as this is a special serene location.  I work with an amazing team and the leadership is super nice and supportive


Room Attendant /  Hotel Zed - Tofino

I like that we celebrate all the different cultures we have here. The scheduling is flexible which makes it easy to have a work-life balance and still enjoy coming to work. The work perks are great, and I especially appreciate the ‘Live Your Best Life’ program.


Guest Service Agent /  Accent Inns - Richmond

I love how diverse this company is and how I get to work and interact with lots of interesting people. The work perks are amazing, and I feel so cared about and genuinely feel like the company wants us to feel happy and loved.


Guest Service Agent /  Accent Inns - Richmond

After many years of being a stay-at-home Mom, I was nervous to re-enter the workforce, however, I was warmly welcomed at Hotel Zed Victoria. It was fun, friendly and flexible, allowing me to create a perfect balance between work and home. Through teamwork and dedication, I have made some of my very best friends and can’t imagine working anywhere else.


Room Attendant /  Hotel Zed - Victoria

I work front desk at Hotel Zed Victoria and I’ve been here for about 2 years while attending college. I’ve had a wonderful experience growing myself here professionally and personally, while working on my academic pursuits. Everyone here has been super supportive with my personal growth since I’ve started working at Zed and can’t imagine working anywhere else, because the people really make our hotel a special place.


Guest Service Agent /  Hotel Zed - Victoria

Hotel Zed is a great place to work, and they have all sorts of great opportunities.  The work is varied, and I was even given the opportunity to work at one of the other hotels when they were in a pinch.  There’s a great feeling of team spirit. I love the amazing staff meals prepared by ROAR and best of all, on days when I can finish early, I can go surfing right across the road at Chesterman Beach.


Houseperson /  Hotel Zed - Tofino

I love working at Hotel Zed because of what it stands for. I want to represent a company that reflects on my beliefs and values as a person, and this is by far the most inclusive, positive and humble place I have been employed at. Along with that, I have created a family here. There is a strong community who has your back throughout everything. My future goals and plans have always been accommodated to and an interest to everyone. I have been here 4 months and I still feel like I’m on vacation everyday even while working full-time.  I wish everyone had a chance to experience a company like this.


Guest Service Agent /  Hotel Zed - Tofino

Working at ROAR has been a joy! This community of people are becoming more like a family. Workers are supported and individuality is embraced. I love the involvement in local charities and organizations and of course the passion for food and service. There are many reasons to be proud to work for this company.


Server /  ROAR

The quality of staff at Hotel Zed and ROAR are what make it an exceptional place to work. The community that I’ve found while working and living here is one that I’ve found belonging in and call my home. This is supported by a company that actually cares about its individual employees and values their mental health.


Bartender /  ROAR

Since my first day at ROAR, I have felt nothing but support, positivity, love, and compassion for each other and Tofino. There are companies that talk-the-talk, but not many “walk-the-walk” like ROAR does. Working with such vibrant people in an equally vibrant environment makes this place very special and fun.


Host /  ROAR

Being part of this team is a great privilege. I started in the housekeeping department and was given the opportunity to take on a job as one of the front desk agents – completely out of my comfort zone. It’s been an awesome opportunity and I’m just loving it!


Guest Service Agent /  Accent Inns - Burnaby

I enjoy working here because of the people that I meet. The staff is very helpful, and management is always there for us. Everyday I am doing something different, whether that is helping a guest bring stuff to their room, learning how to work TV’s or helping elderly guests with their luggage. Even if I am having a bad day, this place always puts a smile on my face when I walk through the door.


Guest Service Agent /  Accent Inns - Kamloops

I feel valued with my contributions. There is so much room to grow, and I have got to learn so many different positions that allow me to continuously develop and build strong relationships. I love the people I work with which makes every day so much fun, but also have a great work-life balance.


Assistant Manager /  Accent Inns - Richmond