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Rebels Wanted

Hotel Zeds are ridiculously fun, unpretentious hotels that have a whole new take on staying in, or working for a hotel. We have completely unordinary amenities like rotary dial phones in every room, record players in the lobby, plus a bunch of other cool stuff. Our hotels ooze with a 70’s retro, kick ass vibe that’s totally inclusive and down-to-earth. Fun, playful and approachable, that’s who we are.

Rebels against the ordinary

Check out some of the rad humans that are part of our Fam-Jam!

When I transitioned from Accent Inn Kelowna to Hotel Zed Kelowna, I was nervous about the change but was soon relieved as the team from Hotel Zed accepted me right away as family. There was really no surprise here as that is who we are!


Housekeeping Supervisor /  Hotel Zed – Kelowna

I love doing morning yoga with the team as we stretch at the start of our housekeeping day – super fun and different from anywhere I’ve worked before.  I love being so close to the ocean and nature as this is a special serene location.  I work with an amazing team and the leadership is super nice and supportive


Room Attendant /  Hotel Zed – Tofino

After many years of being a stay-at-home Mom, I was nervous to re-enter the workforce, however, I was warmly welcomed at Hotel Zed Victoria. It was fun, friendly and flexible, allowing me to create a perfect balance between work and home. Through teamwork and dedication, I have made some of my very best friends and can’t imagine working anywhere else.


Room Attendant /  Hotel Zed – Victoria

I work front desk at Hotel Zed Victoria and I’ve been here for about 2 years while attending college. I’ve had a wonderful experience growing myself here professionally and personally, while working on my academic pursuits. Everyone here has been super supportive with my personal growth since I’ve started working at Zed and can’t imagine working anywhere else, because the people really make our hotel a special place.


Guest Service Agent /  Hotel Zed – Victoria

Hotel Zed is a great place to work, and they have all sorts of great opportunities.  The work is varied, and I was even given the opportunity to work at one of the other hotels when they were in a pinch.  There’s a great feeling of team spirit. I love the amazing staff meals prepared by ROAR and best of all, on days when I can finish early, I can go surfing right across the road at Chesterman Beach.


Houseperson /  Hotel Zed – Tofino

I love working at Hotel Zed because of what it stands for. I want to represent a company that reflects on my beliefs and values as a person, and this is by far the most inclusive, positive and humble place I have been employed at. Along with that, I have created a family here. There is a strong community who has your back throughout everything. My future goals and plans have always been accommodated to and an interest to everyone. I have been here 4 months and I still feel like I’m on vacation everyday even while working full-time.  I wish everyone had a chance to experience a company like this.


Guest Service Agent /  Hotel Zed – Tofino